Blue Alpine Services

Alpine Blue Log Homes, Inc. offers a full line of services, including pre-construction consulting, construction management and on-going maintenance of your log home. We approach each project creatively; identifying unique techniques and opportunities that save time and money.


The pre-construction planning phase may have the largest impact on your overall budget. Alpine Blue Log Homes can guide you through the entire pre-construction process, from acquiring a property that will suitably accommodate your desired style of home, to assisting you in obtaining financing for your project.

Our pre-construction consulting services include:

  • Property Acquisition and Building Site Assessment – we will collaborate with you and your real estate agent to find the property that best fits your needs and budget. Our building site assessment services can identify many potential advantages and disadvantages of particular properties or locations. Early identification of potential site limitations can save you valuable time and expense.
  • Customized Home Design – we will work with your architect, or you can work with one of our specialized log home designers, to create your dream home. Choose from a vast variety of floor plans available, modify to suit your style, or create a floor plan all your own.
  • Budgeting – we will work with you to establish a realistic estimated budget that works for you. Our goal is always to provide you with the best value within your budget.
  • Assisting You To Obtain Financing – over the years we have developed relationships with a number of lending institutions that are familiar with log homes. We can assist you with the required paperwork and forms to help streamline the application process.
  • Materials Procurement – the volume of materials we have purchased over the years allows us to negotiate deeper discounts than our competitors.
  • Permitting – we will assist you with obtaining the appropriate city or county permits. We will work with local utility and service companies to obtain the clearances necessary to get your project underway.



Alpine Blue Log Homes, Inc. is unique in our approach and the services we provide to our clients. Building a new home can be an overwhelming undertaking. We partner with our clients every step of the way to maximize budget dollars and make your vision a reality, a home that matches your individual styles and tastes. Our professionals will work closely with you to make the process as smooth and rewarding as possible. We incorporate the same philosophy whether we are constructing a shell, or taking the house to final completion, ready for you to move in.



Like any home, issues develop over time that may impact the structural integrity or aesthetics of your log home. These could include water intrusion, log deterioration, insect damage, sun and weather damage, or failed finishes such as stain or chinking. Our specialty is to assess and provide the solutions specific to restoring your log home. Whether a simple fix, or something very complex, our craftsmen have a reputation for making necessary repairs on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to our clients’ lives.



Our specialists have the experience and knowledge necessary to identify damaged or unstable logs. Many times we can restore damaged or severely compromised logs without removing them, while adding structural integrity back into the log. This retains the existing appearance of the logs, preserving the visual consistency of your home. For more severely damaged logs, we can remove and replace your existing logs by matching the same method, building style and profile as the original construction.



Chink and caulk are used to fill the gaps around windows, doors, between the logs and in the log notches that can rob your log home of comfort by allowing unwanted air, moisture or insect access. One of the primary causes for log rot is improperly installed or failing caulk or chink. Many of the more severe repairs we have undertaken were due to application of the wrong product or improper application of the product by contractors inexperienced with log homes. Our certified experts have extensive knowledge and experience selecting and applying products specifically designed for log homes. This helps to ensure your log home will be properly protected from the elements.



In some cases, the existing log stain is so severely damaged that peeling, cracking or black mold appear. In these incidents, the old stain must be removed. This can be accomplished by various methods, including environmentally friendly and biodegradable chemical log strippers, walnut shell blasting or specially designed log cleaners. Our certified log finish experts analyze the needs of your log home and determine the appropriate method to remove the stain, allowing your logs to be restored to their natural beauty.



Log homes are very different from conventionally framed homes. With so many log home products on the market, it can be very difficult for home owners to select the right one and ensure that it is properly applied. We take great pride in staying apprised of the latest techniques and individual product specifications. Our experts are certified in determining the correct product and application method for your log home. Many painting contractors claim they have the experience necessary to refinish a log home. Most do not possess the knowledge or expertise to assess, treat or repair underlying problems that may seriously impact the structural integrity of your home. The best way to avoid these and many other issues is to hire our certified log home experts.



We offer many options to enhance the beauty of your current home, whether it is a log home or conventionally framed. Some of these options include log home additions, siding that gives your home the appearance of a log home, log columns or posts, log trusses, log patio covers, decks and balconies with log railings, log fireplace mantels, log stairs, and log pergolas just to name a few.